Xbox Hardware Director Shows off Multiple Xbox Series X APU’s in Tray; Jests that Phil Spencer ‘Obtained’ his Missing Piece

Xbox Series X Spencer

Senior director of hardware at Xbox, David Prien, has taken to twitter to show off multiple Xbox Series X APU’s.

Yesterday, Xbox head Phil Spencer updated his Twitter profile picture with an image of the Xbox Scarlett, now known as the Xbox Series X, APU, which was then analyzed by our very own Usman Pirzada. “Now assuming Phil did not use a lens with too wonky a perspective (eg: some fisheye lenses), our results show us that the Xbox Scorpio and Xbox Scarlett APUs are roughly the same in width but the Xbox Scarlett APU is slightly longer in height”, he wrote.

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As a response to Spencer updating his profile picture, David Prien has now posted a new image showing off 7 Xbox Series X APU’s in a tray. Clearly, one APU is missing from the tray and the hardware director taunted Spencer for ‘taking’ one of his APU’s.

Compared to the size of the tray, and as Usman already mentioned in his article, we’re looking at an APU that is clearly larger by at least 11% than the one used for the Xbox One X.

The new APU for the Xbox Series X features a Zen 2-based CPU core and hardware-based raytracing.

Recent rumors claim that Microsoft is targeting 12TF with its next-gen console – rumors that haven’t been debunked in a early analysis from Digital Foundry.

As covered yesterday, Microsoft registered a trademark for the Xbox Series X “Power Your Dreams” slogan that was used during the official reveal of the console during last month’s Game Awards 2019 event.

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