New Xbox One Bundle Without Kinect is a Reality, Only $399

A New Xbox One Bundle has just been announced, this is a bundle that many people have been patiently waiting for and perhaps a good way for the company to boost hardware sales and catch up with the PS4.

While Microsoft was determined to keeping the console and the peripheral in unison it appears that the company has had a change of heart, a few months ago the company even went as bold as to say: "We believe Kinect is an absolutely integral part of the Xbox One experience."

The New Xbox One Bundle - Now with 100% Less Kinect!

As you can see, Yusuf Mehdi and Phil Spencer go on the record to say that they have heard the community feedback and give the fans what they want, its understandable that not everyone was meant to adjust to the Kinect when all they want is to play games.

Towards the end you can still hear the both of them emphasize the perks of buying the Kinect Xbox One bundle over the Kinect-less one when they pitch incentives like bio-metric sign in, voice commands and the other bells and whistles that come with the console.

The New Xbox One Bundle is going to launch on June 9th 2014 which is also the date for Microsoft's E3 conference along with the other big dogs of the gaming industry under one roof. At the price of $399, this could definitely help tip the scales in the favor of Microsoft.

It is rather surprising for the company to engage in revisions this early in the console cycle, albeit the console is still the same and the only change is the removal of the Kinect from the box, can this still count as a new SKU?

I think I have a fairly good idea about the target audience of the new console.

As you can see, the Kinect is a blessing and a curse for some people, even though I don't own an Xbox One and am only faintly familiar with the operation of it, I am still amazed of how people fall for this and actually say the command out loud without thinking twice.

The related videos also give a good giggle towards what could have led to the people having second thoughts about combining a Kinect with trolling.

Many people still view the Kinect as a "gimmick" when it is actually pretty useful for couch potatoes like myself with an Xbox 360, it makes the living room watching more enjoyable and feel like I am in the Jetsons era of technological evolution.

What do you think of the new Xbox One bundle? Would you want to buy an Xbox One now if you were hesitant before?

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