The new XBOX 360, destroys your disc

Rizwan Anwer

It was only a fortnight ago that Microsoft unveiled their new XBOX 360 Slim, which boasted a new motherboad, smaller GPU/CPU thus ending Red Ring of Death and even a better design but what they forgot to tell you is that moving your XBOX 360 while it is operational could be hazardous to the health of your disc. So those of you who DO buy original games BEWARE you are about to see a new Alan Wake disc get a Texan Chainsaw Massacre with the new XBOX 360.

I will never understand why Microsoft has a grudge against the circles first it was the RED RING of death now and the SPINNING DISC of death. No offense but this is the company that took 4 years to fix a problem of overheating consoles. Let's see whether this problem persists in the final release and take another 4 years to fix or whether this was a manufacturing defect.

I know your going to say "The label says not to move it while in motion" well let me tell you that I have on separate occasions tried horizontal and vertical positions for every console while a game was running, on the Wii I ran Wii sports and I tilted it both ways without any disruption in gameplay, did the same with PlayStation 3 while playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and again no problems and even on the last gen XBOX 360 I experimented the same thing and my Gears of War 2 paused for a couple of seconds (disc was old anyway) So don't tell me "THE WARNING SAYS SO AND SO". But suppose your XBOX 360 is horizontal and your pet or your young kid ACCIDENTALLY trips it over you can kiss your $50 or $60 game good bye most of the XBOX 360 users put their XBOX 360 in a horizontal position making it more vulnerable to such accidents so how is this an improvement? Horizontal position looks better and takes lesser space doesn't it?

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