Make your own XBOX 360 Achievement and brag about it.

Rizwan Anwer

Don't you get excited when you earn an achievement in an XBOX 360 game? Wanna fool your friends into thinking you got an epic hard achievement in an XBOX 360 game? or do you simply wanna have some fun making your own customized achievement? well that dream is now real. Justasktheitguy (quite a mouthful) has made a custom XBOX 360 Achievement generator in which you enter what ever you want and it gives you a real looking XBOX 360 achievement pop up.

I made this for the heck of testing it out:

It's pretty easy to use all you have to do is go HERE and type

(Score)G - (Message)
e.g: 9000!!!G - For Being AWESOME

and you will get the above achievement.

this is a really fun thing to do and you can save the achievement as a jpg extension and use it on your forum signature, or just to prove a point to some one in a discussion (you can do 10G - For being a stupid fanboy).

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