X4: Foundations: Online Ventures Opens up Space to Visitors for the First Time in the Franchise


German developer Egosoft announced the availability of Online Ventures for X4: Foundations. This is the first time in the franchise that players have the chance to send a ship and visit another player's universe. As part of the first update released for X4: Foundations, players might also ask for directions now and the shipboard computer 'Betty' has been made more talkative.

You can check out a bit more info below. There's also a detailed gameplay video provided by Egosoft.

X4: Foundations Massive Update Shows a Leap in the Right Direction

X4: Foundations: Online Ventures Key Features:

  • Visitors to a universe can easily be identified in HUD and on the map. Players can assign a ship to a venture dock before sending it into a parallel universe. Additionally, after building a VENTURE PLATFORM and a VENTURE DOCK, they can send any S or M ship on a selected venture.
  • Each different venture unlocks different rewards and, FOR NOW, they are all safe! Ventures can take anywhere from one hour to several (real-time) days and will, with a bit of luck, unlock some exclusive rewards on success.
  • Every player can get one venture platform and one venture dock and build it on any station or on his or her player HQ.

While the online venture gameplay is now available to all with the normal version of X4: Foundations on Steam and GOG, the online feature itself is still in BETA. There is no risk to your saved games or to stability, but the ventures themselves might go wrong.

Participation in this new online mode is entirely optional and only possible with one unmodified saved game at a time!

X4: Foundations launched in late November for PC. Chris called it 'a beautiful framework starting to work', albeit one still full of issues, in his review.

X4: Foundations is a far superior game to the last outing and is already on the right path to success, thanks to Egosofts diligent work in fixing issue s and enhancing the game. However, in its current state, it's still lacking core elements that help to make the game what it could be. Thanks to a broken in-game economy and an almost non-existent story, it can force you down paths and become boring, quickly. However, improvements to the war system have nullified this to an extent. It's a game on the rise and one to keep an eye on, likely worth buying in the near future.