WoW: Legion Patch 7.0.3 Hotfix Revisions; Emerald Nightmare Mythic & Wing 1 LFG Opens This Week


Emerald Nightmare Mythic opens up this week alongside the raid finder for the first wing of “The Emerald Nightmare” raid. Furthermore, Blizzard has posted revisions for this week’s class tuning via a Legion patch 7.0.3 hotfix this week.

Last week, Legion’s first raid, “The Emerald Nightmare”, opened up on the live realms alongisde the expansion's first PvP season, and this week, the raid’s Mythic mode will open up as well. Additionally, Blizzard will make the raid finder (LFG) for the raid’s first wing available. The first wing includes the following bosses: Nythendra, Elerethe Renferal, and Il'gynoth.

During this week’s maintenance, a class tuning hotfix for both PvE and PvP will be deployed, and Blizzard has just posted that they have made “some revisions” to the changes there were posted earlier.

“After carefully considering the constructive feedback we’ve received over the weekend, we’ve made some revisions to this week’s tuning. The class changes listed in this hotfix update, as well as those from the previous update will be applied during weekly maintenance in each region. Note that several changes from the previous update have been altered or removed, which is indicated by a strikethrough in the notes below”, reads Blizzard’s post.

September 26 Hotfixes


Demon Hunter


Bloodlet (Talent) now deals 150% of initial Throw Glaive damage.



Quickening (Talent)’s maximum stacks are now 50, and it will not refresh its duration once at 50 stacks.



Mind Sear damage increased by 80% and Insanity generation increased by 50%.

Mind Flay damage increased by 20%.

Mind Spike damage increased by 28%.

Void Ray maximum stacks reduced to 4.

  • Developers’ Notes: Given the damage increase to Mind Sear, Mind Flay, and Mind Spike, this still results in an overall increase to the value of the talent.

Voidform stacks no longer increase while Dispersion is active.

  • Developers’ Notes: We would prefer that Surrender to Madness not be as dominant as it is, and that it can’t be extended for quite so long.  However, addressing this further would require significant changes to the spec beyond what we want to do in a tuning pass at this time. We will look for an opportunity to take a more comprehensive look at this issue in a future patch.


Queen Ascendant (Artifact trait) is no longer consumed when a queued healing spell is immediately triggered.


Fixed a bug that prevented Rain of Fire from always doing all 8 ticks of damage on PvE and PvP targets.



Tactician proc rate increased by 15%.

Hamstring no longer procs Tactician.

Exploit the Weakness (Artifact Trait) bonus reduced to 4% per point.


Suramar NPCs should no longer remove a player’s stealth at the start of their Arcane Investigation casting.

Interacting with Nomi should now take priority when his area is crowded.


Engineering: The Reaves version of the Failure Detection Pylon should now work properly.



Strike from the Shadows is now a snare, instead of a daze.

Thanks WoWHead for the summary. If you’re interested to learn about the upcoming changes through patch 7.1 “Return to Karazhan” (which is currently live on the PTR), check out this post.