World of Warcraft Shadowlands Release Date Announced by Blizzard; Releases on October 27

wow shadowlands pre-patch expansion

During today’s Gamescom 2020 Opening Night Live showcase, Blizzard has finally revealed the release date of World of Warcraft Shadowlands.

Fans have been waiting for months for an actual release date. We knew that the eighth World of Warcraft expansions would be releasing this Fall, but an exact date wasn’t shared. So here it is – October 27.

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In the new video for the upcoming trailer, Blizzard actually mentioned a release on October 26 at 4 PM PDT, but October 27 is the date that all World of Warcraft fans will be able to enter the Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands is currently live on the PTR. The expansion's pre-patch, patch 9.0.1, was released on the test realm earlier this month. The pre-patch allows players to experience what WoW will offer in terms of content close to the release of the Shadowlands expansion this October. The pre-patch includes the following content for now:

  • Core Class Updates
  • In-Game Navigation Improvements
  • The New Player Experience
  • Character Creation and Character Customization
  • The limited-time Scourge Invasion
  • We’ve launched the PTR today (August 11) with “Week 1” of the events already underway. We’ll move forward to “Week 2” in a couple of days, on August 13.
  • To test Week 1 with us:
  • Log in to the PTR.
  • Accept the quest “An Urgent Request”.
  • Play through until the completion of Week 1 events, ending with “Advancing the Effort”.

We've included the Shadowlands cinematic announcement trailer that Blizzard debuted during BlizzCon 2019 down below:

World of Warcraft players entering the fabled Shadowlands will find the realms of the dead in upheaval. Under the normal order, departed souls were delivered to a realm appropriate to the lives they led, but now, all souls are being funneled into the Maw, where the most wicked are damned to suffer for eternity. As they seek to right the cycle and uncover the extent of Sylvanas’ designs, players will forge bonds with the Covenants who hold domain over different planes within the Shadowlands.

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