Wolfenstein II Producer: Xbox One X Is A Super Powerful Machine, Will Set New Standard For Games Moving Forward

Alessio Palumbo

With the exception of the ongoing controversy on loot box systems and microtransactions, the launch of Microsoft's Xbox One X console is the most discussed topic in the gaming industry this month.

In an interview published in the latest Official Xbox Magazine UK (issue #158), Wolfenstein II Executive Producer Jerk Gustafsson praised the hardware of Microsoft's new $499 console, which debuted in stores on November 7th.

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It's a super powerful machine and Wolfenstein II runs really, really well - it looks fantastic on the Xbox One X. The focus has been to make sure we can present the game in the best possible way and use the console and the power that the new console provides.

And of course, everything from lighting and graphics overall - in terms of visual quality it's a lot closer to the high-end PCs than the regular consoles.

When asked whether the Xbox One X will change the industry in any way, Gustafsson replied enthusiastically.

Yeah - I hope so at least. If you have the possibility to develop and deliver games that run in 4K resolution and look that fantastic, of course you want to take that opportunity. It will set a new standard for games moving forward.

Indeed, Digital Foundry's analysis confirmed that Wolfenstein II on Xbox One X sports one of the biggest leaps yet compared to the PS4 Pro version, while coming very close to high-end PCs.

Wolfenstein II launched roughly three weeks ago and was praised, with the exception of fairly minor issues, by Chris in his review. The game will receive additional content that can be purchased separately or as part of the Season Pass (priced at $24.99). You can check the release schedule below.

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