Wolfenstein II Xbox One X Offers Big Win Over PS4 Pro; Comparable with GTX 1080 Ti at Max Settings in 4K

Aernout van de Velde
Wolfenstein II Xbox One X vs Ps4 pro GTX 1080ti 4K

Wolfenstein II on the Xbox One X offers a big win over the PS4 Pro when it comes to image quality, and Microsoft’s console offers closer to the PC’s best.

Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry put the latest Wolfenstein installment to the test on both Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Sony’s PS4 Pro, and the One X offers a more convincing showing in terms of reaching the true 4K target. You can watch Digital Foundry’s analysis down below:

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Both consoles use dynamic resolution scaling with the peak resolution output on Sony’s console being 2560x1440, while the output on the Xbox One X is 2.25 times higher with 3840x2160 pixels. According to Digital Foundry, image quality is the main upgrade on Microsoft’s console with quality settings comparable with PC’s best presentation.

Like the PS4 Pro version, the Xbox One X also suffers from performance drops in demanding scenes. “The end return is a more visually complete 4K package on Xbox One X and a better match for an ultra HD display”, Digital Foundry writes. “To return to our original question though: can the new console improve resolution and iron out the performance drops seen in the other versions? Well, the answer there remains in the negative - Xbox One X runs within a very similar 50-60fps window to the Pro version. The wheelchair bound segment at the start tends to run at 60fps at least, and similar for later stealthy-based stages. However, in open areas with enemies and physics stacking up, we do seem to be CPU-limited. The dynamic scaler adjusts only when the GPU is the bottleneck, and resolution doesn't shift in some of the game's more taxing areas.”

“Overall, the sense is that Xbox One X offers up a big win over the Pro in terms of image quality and delivers a beautiful 4K gaming experience, but the core gameplay remains much the same, and those performance issues can be intrusive.”

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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