Windows 10 USB Flash Drives Can Be Pre-Ordered With Uncertain Shipping Date

Do not want to purchase a physical copy of Windows 10 without having to go through the excruciating process of updating your machine? No problem, because Microsoft has a suitable alternative for you; Windows 10 USB flash drives. As it so happens, Windows 10 USB flash drives can be pre-ordered through popular e-commerce website Amazon. This is a great way to order Windows 10 if you want to acquire both a key and physical media. However, pre-ordering Windows 10 USB flash drives does have a catch.

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Windows 10 USB Flash Drives Will Be Shipped On August 16, But Could Change Instantly

Currently on Amazon, consumers who want to purchase Windows 10 USB flash drives for both Home and Professional versions can start pre-ordering now. However, you should be informed that these flash drives will not be shipped until August 16th. Just keep in mind that the aforementioned release date is subjected to change, meaning that there is a possibility that you could receive it much later than you would have actually hoped.

The pricing details of both Home and Professional Windows 10 USB flash drives have been listed below:

However, most of you already know that receiving Windows 10 will be free via an update, as long as you have Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed on your machine. Nonetheless, the other option is still available for those who prefer to have hard copies of their operating systems present in storage form.

Windows 10 will officially be released on July 29, and several products, ranging from machines will be available to purchase running the ‘unified interface’ platform. For those who still prefer having a flash drive to store their operating system, let us know why you want to choose this alternative. As for the remainder of you, stay tuned for more details.

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