Leaked Windows 10 Redstone Build Reveals Improved Pen Support for Apps


A number of new features that are possibly going to be part of the Redstone updates, releasing later this year, have been leaked out in the past couple of days. Thanks to a leaked internal Windows 10 Redstone build, we already reported a handy Call Routing feature that will allow Windows 10 Mobile users to route their phone calls to a connected Bluetooth or an audio device. A new report now suggests that an upcoming Redstone build of Windows 10 for PCs will bring improved support for Pen to the users.

Windows 10 Redstone features

Windows 10 Redstone to focus on improved Pen usage

A report from OneTile.ru suggests that the upcoming update for Windows 10 will bring better pen input support for universal applications. The publication reports that Microsoft will be implementing improvements in the OS for those relying on stylus accessories. An analysis of the latest APIs in internal Windows 10 Redstone builds (14295 and 14306) has revealed new native controls in the operating system, making it easier for developers to support pen-based input in their apps. New APIs for a control called RadialController has been seen, which is believed to be similar to the app-specific circular formatting menu in the OneNote app.

The latest version will be available to any developer who wants to implement the control in their apps. Apart from RadialController, Windows 10 Redstone also brings an Ink Toolbar control, making it easier for developers to support annotations. This new element will enable users of Microsoft Edge to draw on web pages. Third-party apps could also offer similar functionality if their developers choose to include the control in their apps for better pen-based input.

It will be interesting to see developers utilizing these controls to offer better support for pen-based input on their own apps. Windows 10 Redstone is expected to bring several features and enhancements improving the operating system and adding more to the currently offered functionality.

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