Microsoft Tackles Windows 10 Keylogging Concerns with a New Privacy Settings Layout


Windows 10 may have started with a terrible start back in 2015 with Microsoft acting like one stubborn company that only cared for user data and nothing else, things have been changing lately. The company has started to listen to its consumers (or may be it was the fines and lawsuits from the European watchdogs...) and delivering more user-focused options and choices in its newest operating system.

Microsoft is yet again dealing with these privacy concerns and releasing new changes to the privacy controls. Unlike previously when all the controls were stuffed into a single page, Microsoft is now considering a variety of ways these controls are presented to Windows 10 users during setup.

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Microsoft redesigns Windows 10 privacy layout at setup

Since Windows 10 Creators Update in spring 2017, Microsoft has been offering a number of changes to help users take back some control of their digital lives. With the upcoming Windows 10 Redstone 4, Microsoft says it's making it easier for its users to "make focused choices about their privacy."

The company is delivering a new privacy settings layout in the set up experience that enables users to make informed choices right when setting Windows 10 up. The company said that new privacy settings layout will present different settings with the "recommended Microsoft selection for the best Windows 10 experience distinguished by a dotted line."

Unlike the usual setup process where the best selection considered by a company is already selected and we just keep clicking on "accept," this new layout only distinguishes Microsoft-recommended settings with a dotted line and doesn't actually let the user click on accept until they make a choice.

One notable inclusion in this new layout is the addition of inking and typing data. "By enabling improved inking and typing, customers help us improve suggestion capabilities of applications and services running on Windows such as handwriting recognition, autocompletion, next word prediction and spelling correction in the many languages used by Windows customers," the company said. However, many Windows 10 users have time and again demanded the Windows maker to stop reading everything they type.

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Microsoft said that some insiders will only see a single screen carrying all the options while others would receive as many as seven individual screens dedicated to a single privacy setting.

With these new changes currently being tested with the Windows 10 Preview Build 17115, the operating system might finally get rid of the keylogging concerns that have surrounded it since its launch. The Redmond software maker had recently announced delivering a new Diagnostic Data Viewer and Telemetry Checker with the upcoming Windows 10 RS4 arriving in April.

- As before, Windows 10 users can review their choices at any time from Settings > Privacy.