Windows 10 Powers Through – Now Installed on Over 825 Million Active Devices

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Windows 7 end of service deadline has started to help Microsoft get some long-awaited numbers on the Windows 10 side. The Windows maker had announced in March that its latest operating system was installed on over 800 million active machines, up from September's 700 million. Internal documents reveal that the number has now gone up to over 825 million devices.

While 825 million devices may still be less than the company's initial target of reaching to over a billion devices, it confirms the increased push to adopt Windows 10 ahead of Windows 7's end of service deadline in January, 2020. Microsoft is also pushing businesses to finally make the move to Windows 10 this year or face some heavy charges to keep their systems updated.

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Things could gain more momentum after the release of the upcoming Windows 10 May 2019 Update since the company has promised to introduce the future of Windows updates, effectively saving users from the disastrous surprise installations. One of the biggest concerns around Windows 10 was lack of control that users have over the update process. Every new update brings its own set of compatibility and performance issues and when these updates are force-installed, they end up becoming nothing but a hassle for the end user. With surprise updates (hopefully) out of the door and Microsoft's focus on the quality of updates, the operating system would gain more user trust.

Better update controls, better quality of updates, and more focus on tools for power users seems to the roadmap that Microsoft has started to follow for Windows 10's success. The Windows maker made several announcements at its Build conference for developers last week, including the company's first in-house Linux kernel for Windows 10 that will be serviced through Windows Update.

Excited about the future of Windows 10? We sure hope the update quality issues are finally addressed before Microsoft focuses on new features.

Are you still on Windows 7?

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