Windows 10 Is Now Powering 270 Million Active Installations


During Microsoft Build 2016, it was announced that Windows 10 is the fastest growing operating system released by the company ever.

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Windows 10 Is Now Powering 270 Million Active Installations

Windows 10 was officially launched eight months ago and the company’s latest desktop operating system is already running on 270 million active installations worldwide. This comes after January's announcement of 200 active installations. The company was kind enough to reveal the latest data today, at their annual developer conference BUILD, and according to Microsoft, the platform also has the fastest adoption rate across all versions of Windows. According to the software giant, the Windows app store has received over 5 billion visits, showcasing how popular the platform has become.

Windows 10 was initially released on July 29th 2015 and succeeded the company’s previous operating system, Windows 8.1. So far, the update has received several improvements and also been met with positive response revolving around its performance upgrades. Since this is the only platform that provides support for Microsoft’s DirectX 12 API to be used in the latest gaming titles, it also delivers improvements in the average frames that you will be experiencing in the upcoming video games.

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Windows 10 was adopted quickly by users since Microsoft was kind enough to make it a free update for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, and because of this approach, the platform managed to hit a 50 million install count in just 2 weeks of its release. Additionally, during the month of January, Microsoft added that Windows 10 had outpaced the company’s previous popular operating system, Windows 7.

While the consumer section has grown with an extremely fast pace, it is also the enterprise section that has shown a positive response towards the OS. It is possible that the adoption rate continues to grow on account that Microsoft will continue to roll out updates in the foreseeable future in order to continuously improve upon the user experience.

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We only hope that the same level of dedication was shown towards Windows 10 Mobile. Do you happen to be using Windows 10 on your desktop and laptop’s operating system? What do you think about it so far? Let us know your thoughts right away.