Windows 10 Fails to Gain Significant Market Share Despite Windows 7 EOL


Fresh stats have been released by Netmarketshare revealing a slight drop in Windows 7 usage, but still not what Microsoft would like. The latest numbers for January 2020 put Windows 10 at 57.08% followed by Windows 7 at 25.56% of the market.

It isn't significant but Windows 10 has gained a few points, while Windows 7 usage has lost a little, going down from 26.64%. However, this isn't reflecting what was expected since the end of life deadline for Windows 7 was supposed to bring quite a massive shift in usage numbers. Hopefully next month's stats will reveal a more noticeable gain for Windows 10.

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But, this confirms that some businesses aren't ready to invest in new hardware and there might be millions of devices that will have to continue running Windows 7 for a while.

As reported earlier, several governments have signed contracts worth millions of dollars with Microsoft to be able to receive extended support updates (ESUs). Since the Windows maker is offering these paid updates until 2023, it is likely that Windows 7 won't lose its market share significantly until then. There will always be some Windows 7 fans who won't let go of the operating system, but Windows 7 should give away most of its market share to Windows 10 in the coming 3 years.

Windows 10 and 7 are followed by Windows 8.1 at 3.38%  and macOS 10.14 at 3.12%.

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