Latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 Leak Moves Edge Browser Address Bar To The Bottom

There might be several features coming to Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform, but the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10151 shows that minor changes are the ones that bring about the biggest impacts to the user interface. On this occasion, the changes were directed towards Microsoft’s Windows 10 exclusive browser, Microsoft Edge, where the browser address has been shifted to the bottom.


Windows 10 Mobile Build 10151 Shortly Leaked After Mobile Build 10149; Additional Changes Included

Thanks to Msmobile, we now know that Windows 10 for mobile devices is going to feature one of the biggest changes to the operating system that will definitely make future Windows Phone users filled with joy. This is because Microsoft Edge browser has been moved to the bottom of the screen. Additionally, Microsoft Edge also features an option for Mobile or Desktop viewing formats on webpages, which should make a very interesting and flexible experience.

Other changes present in the latest Windows 10 Mobile Build 10149 include new shortcuts for the flashlight and toggling data, along with an extra row of shortcuts in the action center, and some minor aesthetics changes made to the start screen. The source has also stated that this particular build functions far better compared to 10136 build in terms of responsiveness.

With Windows 10 slated for a July 29 release, information is currently unavailable as to when smartphone consumers will be able to witness the final version of Windows 10 Mobile. However, thanks to the latest leak, it is possible that the time is not far when we will be looking at a very stable mobile platform courtesy of Microsoft.

While the following detail has yet to be confirmed, it is possible that Windows 10 for mobile will be coming for smartphones after September. Looks like we are going to have to wait and see for this confirmation.

Image source: Msmobile


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