US Air Force to Complete Windows 10 Transition in March; Compatibility Issues Pushing “Significant Number” of Computers to the Bin

Rafia Shaikh
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The US Air Force announced this week that it expects to complete its transition to Microsoft's latest Windows operating system by March 31. To meet the requirements mandated by the Defense Department, it will decommission all systems not updated to Windows 10 by the deadline.

"Any operating system not upgraded by the deadline will be denied access to the network," the Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs warned.

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DOD believes replacing a huge number of PCs for Windows 10 is worth it because of its "ability to counter emerging cyber intrusion"

The USAF will need to replace a number of existing machines because they are not compatible with Windows 10 by this deadline, as well. While it may add into the overall transition cost, the Department of Defense believes Windows 10 is worth this pain.

"The Windows 10 migration is critical to Air Force readiness," Lt. Col. Brian Snyder, Windows 10 lead action officer, cyberspace strategy and policy, said. Snyder repeated what Microsoft has been saying since the release of Windows 10 in 2015 that the operating system is the most secure built to date.

"It introduces a number of new security features; making it the most secure Windows version to date. Additionally, base and organizational leadership must ensure communication/cyber squadrons are provided all the support and availability necessary to guarantee success."

The press release added that the Windows 10 "security features allow software patches to install faster, making it less obtrusive to Airmen while its ability to counter emerging cyber intrusion makes the networks safer."

"This will have a positive security impact on the protection of DoD and special access programs, mission systems, as well as strategic, tactical, and research, development, testing and evaluation systems."

Microsoft has had a strong relationship with the US government and since the release of Windows 10 in 2015, statements from DOD have been used to boost up user confidence in the new and first ever Windows version that was offered for free.

"In cyberspace…every Airman is an operator. They need to be aware of cyber threat and do their part by being prepared for the Win10 migration," Bill Marion, deputy chief, information dominance and deputy chief information officer, said on the need of Windows 10 in USAF. "The long term benefit is not just about defending the Air Force against the cyber threat, but having a reliable and capable computer to accomplish the mission."

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