Latest Windows 10 CPU/Search Bug Added in the Known Issues List – Microsoft Says Fix Coming in Mid-September

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Earlier this week, we reported another issue that was spotted in the latest Windows 10 May 2019 Update. The second August cumulative update, which is an optional, non-security update, brought with it a Cortana/SearchUI.exe bug that resulted in some users experiencing high CPU and memory usage.

Then, users reported that they weren't receiving Search results. "Search box is there but when searching something, only a black box is shown without showing any results," a user had written.

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Microsoft, in a tweet, acknowledged the problem saying that it is investigating the issue. The Windows maker had said that it will provide an update in an upcoming release.

Microsoft says Windows 10 CPU and Search bugs affect a small number of users

Today, in an update to the release notes of Windows 10 Build 18362.329 (the update that brought in this issue), the company has added the problem in the list of known issues of the build. It reads:

Windows Desktop Search may not return any results and may have high CPU usage Windows

Microsoft is getting reports that a small number of users may not receive results when using Windows Desktop Search and may see high CPU usage from SearchUI.exe. This issue only occurs on devices that have disabled searching the web using Windows Desktop Search.

As noted by Microsoft, the problem occurs if you have disabled searching the web using Windows Desktop Search, which is why enabling it (steps shared in this guide) will help you avoid this problem. You can also choose to uninstall this update altogether, which might be an easier way to do that since you don't need to deal with the Registry Editor.

The company hasn't officially shared any workarounds. Under "Workaround," Microsoft only says that it is working on a resolution of this CPU bug and estimates "a solution will be available in mid-September."

The fix will hopefully arrive next week with Patch Tuesday September updates. Microsoft also delivers a second batch of these updates at the end of the month for Windows 10 May 2019 Update. But it is hoping the fix doesn't take this long.

Windows 10 1903 had a good run, but small bugs and issues keep popping up. With Build 18362.329 (KB4512941), Microsoft had actually released a number of fixes, finally resolving the Black Screen and Windows Sandbox problems. It appears there's no end in sight to these update-related Windows 10 bugs.

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