Windows 10 Is Now Powering Over 700 Million Active Devices


Microsoft has officially confirmed that Windows 10 is now running on over 700 million active devices. Outgoing Windows head Terry Myerson had first accidentally dropped this number when he talked about leaving Microsoft back in March.

"Today, we are now approaching 700 million active Windows 10 users, commercial usage is growing 84% year over year, Xbox One is running a Windows 10 core, Surface is leading PC innovation, HoloLens is bringing breakthroughs to computer vision, our universal Microsoft store enables Xbox GamePass, Azure reserved instances, and Office distribution, and the OEM ecosystem is revitalized with profitable growth," Myerson had said. "Last year, we finished the year with over $8B in operating income from our segment."

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Microsoft confirms 700 million active Windows 10 users at the Windows Insider Dev Tour

While Myerson had said that the company was "approaching" 700 million users, the Windows maker has now confirmed that there are indeed over 700 million active Windows 10 devices. The company used these numbers in today's Windows Insider Dev Tour, confirming Myerson's other claim as well that the operating system has seen 84 percent year over year growth in commercial space.

When Microsoft had released the original Windows 10 back in 2015, the company had an ambitious goal of having it installed on over a billion devices in a couple of years. However, with an aggressive strategy came several user complaints, lawsuits and fines from governments and watchdogs around the world. Microsoft no longer follows this billion-users mission - at least not publicly - but the company seems to be well on its way.

The two Windows 10 "creators" updates helped Microsoft gain back some user trust as they were rolled out without any major problems or troubles for the end user. That trust was reflected in the recently released Windows 10 April 2018 Update that has already been installed by over 50% of all Windows 10 users. However, this recent update did bring its fair share of issues that pushed the company to block the update on some specific machines.

Microsoft's Windows 10 journey has certainly been an interesting one. Looking at recent numbers, it might take the company two more years before it hits the billion-users goal that was initially set by Microsoft.

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Via: Neowin | Source: Twitter