Windows 10 Insider Preview 14361 for Desktop and Mobile is Already Out!

Windows 10 Anniversary Update

That was fast! Microsoft's Dona Sarkar promised to release some interesting builds "later this week," but we are already looking at a new Windows 10 Redstone Preview build. Windows 10 Redstone Preview build 14361 is available for both PC and Mobile to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring. Excited? You should be, because the latest build has brought in some new features and enhancements to the Settings app and Windows Ink, along with some new icons.

What's new in Windows 10 14361 for PC and Mobile

We were promised some "really interesting things" that were coming to PC and Mobile, and we are looking at a number of new features and improvements. Windows Ink continues to receive improvements, and so does the Settings app. Following are the details of all that's new with the latest Windows 10 14361 Preview build for PC and Mobile Insiders:

LastPass extension for Microsoft Edge: We are excited to announce that LastPass, a popular free password management extension, is now available for download. Visit our extensions pageat the Microsoft Edge Dev website to learn more and try it out for yourself!

Introducing Hyper-V Container: You can now use Docker natively on Windows 10 with Hyper-V Containers, to build, ship and run containers utilizing the Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5  Nano Server container OS image. A new version of the Docker engine for Windows has also been made available that extends the support of containers while also improving the DockerFile syntax and getting started experience for users. For more details on how to get started with this check out the Windows container documentation or the Windows 10 Getting Started Guide.

Windows Ink improvements: 

  • The Windows Ink ruler is now long enough to span diagonally across the entire Surface Book display.
  • We fixed an issue with the Windows Ink pencil tool, where the line when drawing along the ruler wouldn’t be flush with the ruler as well as an issue resulting in a slight flicker visible in the colored section when opening the Pen, Pencil or Highlighter flyout.
  • We have updated the Touch Inking icon in Windows Ink Workspace to be more reminiscent of the Windows Ink Workspace icon.
  • We improved the performance of loading the Sketchpad thumbnail in the Windows Ink Workspace flyout from the taskbar.
  • Based on Insider feedback, we have made the “clear all” option more discoverable in Sketch Pad as the trash can icon in the menu bar. This was previously accessible as an option under the Erase button.

Settings improvements: We made some improvements to the Settings app based on Insider Feedback. The navigation pane is now white in light mode or black in dark mode and we have added a small block of color (which is same as the accent color of your profile) to highlight what Settings page you are on. Clicking anywhere on the Home button at the top left takes you to the Settings homepage. And we have made some other polish improvements, including slightly increasing the size of the page name text. windows 10 14361

New icons: I’ve been told that Insiders love hearing about new icons. So I thought I would mention we have updated the Blu-ray icon so that it is more consistent with the other drive icons in Windows 10. windows 10 new icons

We also changed the icon for the network Quick Action to better represent it as an entry point to the network flyout (previously, it was a generic globe icon).

A number of bugs have also been fixed in the latest releases for Desktop and Mobile. Windows team has also "polished the appearance of Start by reducing the amount of whitespace at the top of Start, and adding logic so that the scrollbars will immediately hide once your mouse is no longer hovering over that area." There are several improvements and enhancements that have been released for Microsoft Edge and Cortana, along with bugs fixed in Windows Store.

For more details, known issues, and fixed bugs, please visit the official blog post.

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