Windows 10 PC Preview Build 14352 Out With Cortana, Ink and Other Improvements

Windows 10 Cumulative Update

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Redstone preview build of Windows 10 to the Insiders in the Fast ring. The latest build brings a number of improvements, including updates to Cortana, changes to icons, Windows Ink improvements, and much more.

Windows 10 14352 starts rolling out

Following the release of an incremental, non-feature update to Windows 10 Mobile last night, Microsoft is now pushing a fresh, new and feature-packed preview to Windows 10 PC Insiders. Pushing the number up to Windows 10 14352, you can now test all the new improvements if you are enrolled in the Fast ring of Windows Insider program. Today's build brings a number of new features, including Cortana commands, Feedback Hub improvements, and more.

The latest build comes over two weeks after the last Windows 10 PC 14342 release, giving us a glimpse of some more improvements that are likely going to be part of Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming in July. Here is what's new in Windows 10 14352 Insider Preview build for desktop:

Cortana Improvements

Cortana, Your Personal DJ: In addition to playing songs via your local files and OneDrive, you also now have the ability to play any song from the entire Groove Music Catalog using Cortana. If you have a Groove Music Pass, just ask Cortana to play your favorite artist, genre, playlist or song. This also works with Cortana on your Lock screen.

  • “Hey Cortana, play <song name>”
  • “Hey Cortana, play <artist>”
  • “Hey Cortana, play my <Groove playlist name>”
  • “Hey Cortana, pause”

Set a timer: You can now set a timer using Cortana to remind you to go get a snack, take a break, or while cooking. You can set a timer, query how long is left and cancel using natural language. On your PC, this works logged in or above the Lock screen. On your phone, you can use speech or text. Examples below. We are continuing to improve the overall user experience including conversation mode (“set a timer”, then specify the time), and enable turning off a ringing timer using speech. Try out:

  • “Hey Cortana, set a timer for 10 minutes”
  • “Hey Cortana, how much time is left?”
  • “Hey Cortana, cancel my timer”

Windows Ink

Updated Sticky Notes: With the latest update, Sticky Notes are now better than ever* with the ability to create Cortana reminders from your notes that will flow with you across your Cortana enabled devices. You can also ink or type a phone number and it readies itself for calling; write an email address and launch directly to email, write a URL and launch into Microsoft Edge right from the Note. A few jotted-down bulleted items become an easy-to-manage checklist. Don’t forget that Sticky Notes is also a standalone app, just launch it from Start if you’d like to use it outside of Windows Ink Workspace.

Compass on the ruler: We’ve updated the Windows Ink ruler to include a compass. If the ruler is oriented in the direction of any of the cardinal points or midpoints, the compass indicator will become bold.

General improvements to the Windows Ink experience: We have made performance and reliability improvements based on feedback.

Other items of note

Windows Game bar improved with full-screen support: One of the most common requests we see for the Windows 10 Game DVR feature is the ability to use the Windows Game bar with more games running in full-screen.  With this flight, we’ve added support for six additional games in full-screen mode with Windows game bar: League of LegendsWorld of WarcraftDOTA 2Battlefield 4Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Diablo III. With those games, you can now use Windows key + G to bring up the Windows Game bar when the game is running full-screen.

Feedback Hub will now show Microsoft responses: You’ll now see short status tags on feedback to let you know what we’re doing with it. The tags are a short-form way to give status on feedback we’re actively working on or have made changes for. The tags will often be published along with a “Microsoft response” comment that gives more context on what the team is doing.

Updated File Explorer icon: Based on Insider feedback, we have updated the File Explorer icon with more color. Windows 10 14352

Limited Period Scanning: Limited Periodic Scanning is a new security setting you can choose to turn on if you use an antivirus program other than Windows Defender. This setting can provide an additional line of defense in scanning and detecting malware on your device. To enable this – go to Settings > Update & security > Windows Defender and turn “Limited Periodic Scanning” on. Each month Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool detects malware on 1 to 2 million devices, even those running other antivirus software. This setting can be turned on for unmanaged devices.

For more details of the above improvements and to learn about bug fixes and known issues, please visit the official blog post.

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