How to Fix “Abnormally Slow” Windows 10 Cumulative 10586.318 Powered PCs

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Microsoft released a cumulative update for Windows 10, bringing patches for some critical security vulnerabilities along with regular performance improvements. A small number of users have reported that the update makes their Windows 10 PCs slow. While there is no pattern yet to alert users if any specific region/hardware is affected or if there is any other reason, Microsoft has posted a workaround for the issue.

After the company released Patch Tuesday cumulative updates to Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile earlier today, some users took to Reddit to complain about sluggish PC behavior. Microsoft has acknowledged the issue and has also posted a workaround. However, the company is also interested in getting more user reports to get to the fix for the issue. John Wink, Senior Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, said in a Reddit thread that after trying the proposed workaround (shared below), users can share the results with the company to help it gather more information.

Windows 10 slows down after today's update? Here's the fix

Here is how to fix Windows 10 slowing down issues after today's cumulative update:

If you find that your PC is abnormally slow after installing the update, you may be seeing a problem that I’ve been trying to track down for a couple of weeks. Here’s something you can try to see if it alleviates the symptom. I’d love to hear the results of this test, and could really use your help in gathering additional information if indeed it rectifies the symptom for you. Please give this a shot and post your results to this thread. Thanks!

Steps to disable Cortana:

  • Click in the Cortana search box to bring up Cortana
  • Click the Notebook
  • Click Settings
  • Move the slider under “Cortana can give you suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more.” to “Off”.

The problem is not a widespread issue, as it only affects a tiny fraction of users. In a comment, Wink explained:

It's actually not a very wide-spread issue, it's just that when you hit it, it's incredibly annoying. If disabling Cortana resolves the symptom, that means we know what's happening and we'll probably roll a fix into a future update. But I need some examples of cases where this workaround works to justify rolling that fix in. 🙂

Windows 10 cumulative build 10586.318 is a recommended update since eight of today's security bulletins have received a maximum severity rating of critical, some of these affecting Windows 10 PCs too. Allowing hackers to remotely install software on your PC via Remote Code Execution is only one of the attacks that can be initiated against unprotected Windows versions. Since the issue with the update is not widespread, Microsoft is still recommending today's build to the users.

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