WhatsApp Status: A Beginners’s Guide for iPhone & Android Users


WhatsApp has unleashed its brand new Status feature, allowing you to post self-destructing stories akin to Snapchat. But, how does it all work? If you are a brand new user, we will walk you through the basics to get up and running in no time.

WhatsApp Status - What is it?

For starters, it's an extension of the original text-only feature, but now it involves photos and videos. When you post a Status update, it will disappear after 24 hours automatically. You even have the option to scribble (read: doodle) on your photos and videos, insert text, and keep them from being seen by everyone out there. You have full control on what you post.

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Privacy - How Does it Work?

First and foremost, your Status updates are encrypted from end-to-end, meaning they can't be intercepted (so they say). Also, you will be pleased to learn that you can set who gets to see your Status and who does not. So you don't have to worry about everything being a free-for-all.

In order to get started with the privacy bit of WhatsApp Status, kick things off by launching WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device first. Once all fired up, tap on the Status tab. Then select Privacy at the top corner. There are three options to choose from: My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share With. The first option, when selected, means everyone will be able to see your Status update without any sort of exception whatsoever. My Contacts Except, when selected, allows you to send updates to everyone, except for a few people which you wish to stay shy from. The last Only Share With option simply allows you to select people who get to see your update, no one else. If you end up selecting just one person from your contacts list, only they get to see your update.

Muting Contacts, Deleting Status Updates, Forwarding Status Updates

Once you are in the Status tab in WhatsApp, you can do all sorts of relevant stuff. If you are looking to mute someone, simply swipe on their status update and tap on Mute. If you wish to forward your update to someone, simply tap on the three dots button on My Status then tap on the Forward button, then select the contact to which you want to send off your post to.

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Deleting your own Status is easy too. Simply open up My Status by tapping on the three dots button, then swipe left on the status you wish to get rid of. Tap on Delete.

Creating a WhatsApp Status Update

Creating a Status update is dead simple. Launch the WhatsApp app, then tap on the Status tab at the bottom. Once here, tap on the + sign at the top right hand corner, which will launch the camera. Over here, you'll see three options at the bottom - gallery, shutter button and flip camera.

If you wish to preview the gallery quickly, simply swipe on the little arrow at the top of the shutter button. Pressing the gallery button will give you a full-screen view of your device's camera roll so you can view things in a more detailed manner.


Fancy recording a video? Tap and hold on the shutter button to start recording a video. You need to have your finger held in place in order to keep recording. Also, if you swipe your finger up during the recording process, you can either zoom in or out of the video. As soon as you let go of the screen, the video will end recording.

For the sake of simplicity, just tap on the shutter button once to snap a photo and jump into the editor before sending things off. Once here, you will see a bunch of options at the top right hand corner. The first one allows you to crop or rotate your photo. Second allows you to add an emoji. Third allows you to add text. The last option allows you to scribble on the post.

Using pinch gestures, you can adjust the size of the emoji and text you have added to the post. Swipes will move the text and emoji around on the display so you can place them exactly where they should be. Once you are done creating your masterpiece, tap on the blue send button on the bottom right hand corner to post it. If you have changed your mind regarding Status, then tap on the close button on the top left hand corner, which will take you back to WhatsApp.

Viewing & Replying to Status Updates

Whenever you wish to view a Status update, simply launch WhatsApp, tap on the Status tab at the bottom and you will be presented with the latest posts there and then.

Also, you will be pleased to learn that you can reply to Status updates as well. When you are viewing a post, you'll see a little Reply  text at the bottom. Simply tap on it and write away. Once you are done jotting down a reply, tap on the blue send  button.

Download WhatsApp for iOS & Android

If you want to try WhatsApp Status right now, then make sure you download the app for your iPhone or Android device today. It's absolutely free for the aforementioned platforms.