WhatsApp Down Again? The World’s Favorite Messaging App Continues to Act Up


WhatsApp, the popular messaging service, is down yet again! Following the massive disruption that the service experienced on November 30, the encrypted messaging app is down again for many users. With several reports coming from Asia, Europe, and South America in the past hour, at least one service following the outages has suggested that the issue first appeared at 16:51 Eastern Time.

WhatsApp down - but Twitter remains the premier choice for everyone to rant...

Whenever a service or an app is down, Twitter becomes the central hub for everyone to come and rant or even confirm that the service is actually down and not just acting up for them. While the Facebook acquired messaging app is yet to confirm this outage, several people took their problems to Twitter.

WhatsApp and iMessage Hand Over the Most Info to FBI, Shows a New Document

The Facebook owned messaging app is known for being reliable, however, it has suffered at least two major outages in the last 10 days. The app is used by one billion people around the world, which makes the uproar quite understandable since many rely on it as their primary mode of text based communications.

We will update this space as the company issues any official statement or the service is back. In the meantime, don't forget to share if WhatsApp is down for you too, and if so, in which region.

[Update]: The issue appears to have been resolved but it remains unclear if this was a regional issue or a worldwide outage.