Users Rage Across Twitter As WhatsApp Suffers From Yet Again Another Outage – How Many More Times Will We Go Through This Problem?


I was just trying to send messages to a friend via WhatsApp when I realized that something was wrong. My messages just wouldn't send. I tried restarting my phone and restarted my Wi-Fi connection as well, but nothing was working. It was a déjà vu moment as not very long ago we experienced the same problem. So I checked my Twitter account to see if other people were experiencing the problem and what do you know? One of the most widely used messaging networks is down once more!

What is this problem that keeps happening again and again? Earlier this month as well, WhatsApp experienced an hour long shortage due to some bug in the system. The Facebook owned messaging app had experienced a downtime earlier this year in May as well. This downtime had lasted for a few hours. The question that arises here is, how long will this new one last?

WhatsApp is Testing a New Picture-in-Picture Mode

Apparently the app has been experiencing problems since 1:37 PM EST. Users have been complaining about this problem on Twitter and are raising concerns about the messaging app. How many times will we have to suffer before WhatsApp actually fixes the issue? The hashtag #whatsappdown is raging across twitter. Many users are pointing out the irony that they have to login into their twitter accounts to check that their phones are okay and that WhatsApp is the actual problem.

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[Update: 2:00 PM EST] WhatsApp experienced an approximate 15 minutes outage and now it has been restored for most users. Some users are, however, still complaining about WhatsApp being slow or not functioning at all. The outage was experienced by people across the globe including Europe and Asia. WhatsApp has yet to give a statement about this matter.