Wccftech iPad Mini Giveaway Begins – Win A Free iPad Mini!


On 23rd October Apple finally unveiled the iPad Mini. The device has been very well received by consumers and most of them can't wait to get their hands on it. iPad Mini preorders begun yesterday, shipment of WiFi only models will commence from 2nd November.

It seems that almost everyone likes the iPad Mini. Apple has ventured in to a completely new territory with this device and we want to see how it has done. There's good news for you if you have been ogling at iPad Mini pictures all day. Wccftech's iPad Mini giveaway has officially begun, simply enter the giveaway and you could very well win a free iPad Mini.

Who Is Eligible To Enter iPad Mini Giveaway?

There are absolutely no restrictions on who can enter this competition. If you want an iPad Mini, consider yourself eligible for entering this competition. The competition is open for all countries.

What To Do To Enter The Giveaway?

Just follow the steps mentioned below to enter our iPad Mini giveaway:

  1. “Like” Wccftech on Facebook
  2. Follow Wccftech on Twitter
  3. There is a Facebook “Like” button at the top and bottom of this post, Click it
  4. Update your Facebook status as follows: I just entered [tag our Wccftech Facebook page here] iPad mini giveaway to win a free iPad mini. Check out their giveaway and you too can win!
  5. Click here to Retweet this post
  6. Drop us a comment below with your Twitter username, your name on Facebook and tell us why you should win a free iPad Mini.

Sample Entry:

Your entry should look like this:

Twitter: @kursed
Facebook: /AbdullahSaad

Answer: Wccftech staff is not eligible for this iPad Mini giveaway, but don't let that stop you from telling us why you should win!

Things To Keep In Mind:

Please refrain from posting the URL of your Facebook or Twitter account in the comments, as your comment will be put in the moderation queue, and your entry will not be immediately visible in this post. If your comment does get put in the moderation queue, we will approve it soon, it will become visible in comments section after that. Be a good sport and refrain from submitting multiple entries, as they will be disqualified.

You're free to retweet the giveaway as many times as you want, but we implore you to submit only one comment per entry. Any of you trying to leave multiple comments, for multiple entries will be automatically disqualified.

The winner will be selected next Sunday and the same will be intimated to him or her via DM on Twitter or a Facebook message.

The Wccftech iPad Mini giveaway is now officially open. Best of luck to all of you.