Wccftech Deals – Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Certification Bundle ($19)


Basic office skills are absolutely necessary to be successful in every type of job, to include being able to efficiently use Excel. Trust me, I know, graphs had taken hold of my life until I took it upon myself to actually look for some (simple in this case) way to fix my arch nemesis, the non-properly organized graphs. And you can learn those secret skills too.


Not so secret, but advanced Excel courses can help you be a master.

But whether you realize it or not, there's a tremendous amount that you can do with Excel. It's a very advanced platform that's more than capable of just showing you a simple graph of numbers. If you wanted an array of numbers, just use R, but this is far more powerful. And our bundle of two courses (for $19) can help you master the mysterious world of Excel. And at $19, it's a very good deal, considering it's originally $1990.

The courses you'll get:

  • Excel for Beginners 
    • Learn the basic functions & features of Excel w/ 7+ hours of instruction
    • Follow along through 55 in-depth tutorials at your own pace
    • Prepare to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist exam in Excel to prove your competancy
    • Discover how to fully utilize the most widespread spreadsheet software in the world
    • Study formulas & editing workbooks
    • Learn to format workbooks & work w/ multiple at the same time
    • Create professional-quality graphs & charts
    • Impress potential employers w/ your new skills
  • Excel Advanced 
    • Advance your Excel skills w/ access to 7 hours & 50 minutes of instruction
    • Watch the 33 tutorials at your own pace
    • Prepare to pass the Microsoft OfficeSpecialist exam in Excel, Exam-427 and Exam-428
    • Understand how to manage workbooks
    • Learn to calculate investments
    • Discover how to automate workbooks
    • Figure out how to create custom formats & layouts