Wccftech Deals – Macaw Code-Savvy Web Design Tool ($49)


Designing websites used to be a very complicated affair that required many hours of intense coding to get the fantastic outcome that you wanted. It still can, but there are sometimes better ways depending on what your needs are. For a more magical method, check out Macaw, friendly semantic HTML editor that works like a photo editor.


The future of web design, the mighty Macaw, can be yours for only $49.

Make responsive, fantastic looking websites with familiar looking and working tools. No need to explicitly know how to code to make something truly amazing. Now you can put together something incredible in nearly no time at all with Macaw, a very unique web design tool. $49 gets you in on the action with perhaps the most innovative web design tool ever.


  • Manipulate elements in a manner similar to Adobe Photoshop
  • Convert your design into legible HTML & CSS
  • Create responsive sites for access on any device type
  • Access web or system fonts to utilize your typography of choice
  • Apply styles to multiple elements from one place & conveniently modify them at any time
  • Preview your designs remotely by broadcasting your design to any device on the network
  • Set variable names & add scripts for fast prototyping
  • Share assets between pages & save them all in one document
  • Utilize static, absolute & fixed positioning for dynamic layouts