Pay What You Want: Learn to Code Bundle (Web Development)


And now it's time for you to name your own price for yet another great and massive bundle of courses. For today we have a great web development bundle that consists of a massive 9 separate courses that'll take you from zero to web development hero in no time.

Web Development

Web Development for the beginner, pay what you want to become the master.

With the way this works, if you pay lower than the average price, which is $11.85 at the moment, you'll open up two of these lovely courses:

  • Learn Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Git Complete: The Definitive, Step-By-Step Guide

While not super exciting sounding, they do help you to better understand some very important parts of development, and the deploying of apps through AWS and using AWS as your backend.

But if you want to pay more than the average of $11.85 then you'll unlock another 7 helpful courses, designed to launch you into becoming a development wizard.

  1. Advanced Ruby Programming: 10 Steps to Mastery
  2. PHP & MySQL Web Development From Scratch - Build 5 Projects
  3. Learn Linux in 5 Days & Level Up Your Career
  4. Become a Certified Web Developer
  5. Build Responsive Real World Sites with HTML5 & CSS3
  6. Become a Professional Python Programmer
  7. AngularJS: From Zero to Hero

All of these courses are hosted on StackSkills and taught by a very well regarded instructor, someone whoa can help guide nearly anyone on their way to becoming very proficient in web development, a truly useful skill that can become the beginning to learning all sorts of other types of programming.

Official Rule Blurb:

With the Pay What You Want bundles, you can get something incredible for as little as you want to pay while making the world a better place. And if you beat the average price, you’ll receive the fully upgraded bundle!

10% of the profits from your purchase will go towards Project HOPE, who delivers essential medicines and supplies, health expertise and medical training to respond to disaster, prevent disease, promote wellness and save lives around the globe.

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