Wccftech Deals – JavaScript & jQuery Front-End Developer Bundle ($29)


JavaScript is a surprising useful and powerful language. Despite those naysayers that have you think it's completely insecure. It's only as insecure as the programmer behind the program. So that's why we have a bundle of courses to make you a master of JavaScript and jQuery.


Go beyond HTML and create stunning websites with 24+ hours of great JavaScript training.

JavaScript is very much a living language, waiting for you to learn the specifics so you can help create dynamic and interactive website that run fast and look great. Insecure? Only if you make it! That's why for $29, regular $469, you can learn to avoid the mistakes that make JavaScript not secure and make it fluid and responsive. This can help kick-start your career in web-development and much more. Don't fret, because these courses from Webucator are designed to take even the most novice of novices and transform them into a competent coding machine. Plus $29 is not much for such a great infusion of knowledge.

Courses therein:

  1. jQuery Fundamentals Training
  2. Developing Mobile Websites
  3. Introduction to JavaScript
  4. Advanced JavaScript Programming