Wccftech Deals: 75% Off SplashID Pro For A Lifetime of Protection

Jeff Williams

Passwords are the key to our online digital world. Those 8-12 character, including symbols, lines keep our finances and digital identity safe from prying eyes. We need increasingly complex passwords that are longer in length and far less easy to actually remember. And don't  you dare write those down.

A password manager can greatly enhance your security and help to store all those convoluted passwords you have to make-up. SplashID Pro is the perfect solution. And it's 75% off in our store.


SplashID Pro can help keep your digital life safe.

It might seem a bit silly to keep your password data all in one location, but it actually makes perfect sense. You only have to actually remember one password now, just make sure it's not a simple one. Also, two-factor authentication can help keep everything that much more safe.

You'll be able to generate those intricate yet perplexing long passwords from within the app and automatically store them. And don't worry, the encryption used is AES 256 with hashing and salting to make it computationally unfeasible to brute-force a proper password. And you don't have to store your info on their servers, either.

A password manager, when properly implemented like SplashID 8.0, can be a great help to online security. And SplashID Pro gives you a great dashboard that helps you determine just how secure you are. Just remember that you're only as secure as your passwords anyway, so choose complex passwords that are unique and aren't associated with you in any way. Password managers help to enable that.

SplashID Pro gives you the following:

  • Use SplashID on a phone, tablet, desktop or browser
  • Sync your records w/ the cloud, Wi-Fi or no sync at all
  • Get automated backups
  • Securely download & restore any of your last 5 backups anytime
  • View the SplashID dashboard for feedback on record security
  • Share SplashID records securely w/ other SplashID users & even non-users
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Browser extension for Chrome 30 or higher


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