iCloud for Windows Updated to v12.5 With iCloud Keychain Password Manager

Ali Salman
iCloud FOr Wondows Password Manager App

Apple has seen fit to release an updated version of its iCloud for Windows app. The new 12.5 version brings support for the new iCloud Keychain password manager app for Windows users. Windows users can now access their iCloud Keychain passwords as well as edit usernames and passwords. The latest addition was hinted at back in January when Apple updated the iCloud for Windows app. However, the feature was not available until now.

iCloud for Windows App Gains Support for iCloud Keychain Password Manager App

Apple has updated its iCloud for Windows app to version 12.5 which brings support for password management. If you are a Windows user, you have the option available to edit, copy, paste, delete as well as lookup usernames and passwords. The new feature works together with the iCloud password extension for Microsoft Edge and Windows Chrome. This allows users to autofill their iCloud passwords on a Windows computer.

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The functionality is pretty similar to how you manage and use passwords and usernames in Safari. The usernames and passwords created for the website are added to the password app automatically. In terms of privacy, the iCloud Keychain passwords on Windows are stored in an encrypted database. Furthermore, the passwords are transferred to the browser extension using a secure encrypted channel as well. What this means is that the passwords are not stored in plain text and hence have to be decrypted to display in the respective fields.

The new feature is available on iCloud for Windows app version 12.5. If you have not yet updated, be sure to do so. In addition, you can download the iCloud for Windows app from the Microsoft Store. This is all there is to it, folks. Have you updated to the latest build? Let us know how you liked the new addition in the comments.

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