Wccftech Builds- A Budget(ish) PC

Jeff Williams

Not everyone knows how to build a PC, despite it being a relatively simple process. That's why we gathered together some fantastic slightly budget components to slap together for you on camera. Re-watch us put together this PC from start to finish, complete with commentary and interaction with our viewers.

Don't know how to build a PC? Then follow along!

The build of the slightly non-budget PC from Monday was successful. Albeit a DOA motherboard, everything else went off without issue. I know the choice of components is much debated, and this doesn't represent the PC that'll necessarily undergo the review process.

Due to the discussion, a few things have been changed. The component list will represent a much better portrayal of a budget ITX build. That is, the ITX motherboard is likely to be one of the more expensive components (aside from the GPU).  The reason for the AMD Athlon X4 860K is to analyze the performance in modern games. Windows 10 will likely be out by the time the replacement motherboard is received, so there will be some DirextX 12 comparisons as well.

Below you'll see the base configuration that'll be tested, and of course we'll show you just what higher clocked RAM can do if indeed it is used. As a reminder, the 750 Ti has been chosen to best represent the equivalent of the 860M that's in the Alienware Alpha.



AMD Athlon X4 860K Black Edition


Gigabyte GA-F2A88XN-WiFi


Zotac GTX 750 Ti


Kingston Hyper X Savage 4GB DDR3 1866


SanDisk Ultra II 120GB


EVGA SuperNOVA 550GS Gold 550W


Cooler Master Elite 110


Also, the power supply was chosen for reliability, full modularity and future proofing. The idea is to be able to hook up a Fury X to this as well as a Titan X to see how they perform. You have many different options for power supplies, but you do get what you pay for and the better the power supply, the cleaner the delivery and the longer everything will last. Plus seriously, I really want to see how a Fury X will perform in here. The Titan X will have to be jury-rigged to fit, however.

So sit back and enjoy the commentary!

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