Watch Sony’s PlayStation Meeting (PS4 Neo+Slim Reveals) Right Here with Us


Three years and a half ago, on February 20, 2013 Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 with a dedicated PlayStation Meeting event in New York City.

During that event, Lead Architect Mark Cerny showcased the vision and specifications of the new console as well as the first games: Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, Infamous: Second Son and Driveclub. Today, Sony called another PlayStation Meeting at New York City's PlayStation Theater.

If you've followed Wccftech in the past weeks, you already know why: first of all, the PlayStation 4 Slim console will be announced (even though it's already out there) and it will be a cheaper and thinner model as you might expect.

Most importantly, though, PlayStation fans are expecting to learn about the PlayStation 4 Neo. Reportedly thicker and heavier than the basic PlayStation 4, it will also be far more powerful with its rumored 4.2 teraflops.

Two months ago we reported specifications from a confidential document, although they might not be final:

  • Jaguar CPU - 8 cores @ 2.1 GHz
  • GPU - 36 Compute Units @ 911 MHz
  • RAM - 8GB GDDR5 @ 218 GB/s

According to the document, Sony is targeting an equal or higher frame rate for PlayStation 4 Neo titles as well as 4K display support.

Going back to the 2013 PlayStation Meeting, we can easily find reasons even for non-PlayStation gamers to follow the event. In fact, several non exclusive titles like Diablo III, The Witness, Watch_Dogs and Destiny were demonstrated on stage and there are similar rumors for today's event, with Bioware's Mass Effect Andromeda topping the list after a few teases by the development team.

You can follow it all starting from 3PM ET, 8PM BST, 9PM CET from the live stream embedded below.

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