Watch Dogs PS3 Version Leaked on the Internet

Earlier today we saw how Watch Dogs for the Xbox 360 had gotten leaked, while this was nothing out of the ordinary it appears that the previous generation of consoles will surely be giving the new generation runners a hard time in avoiding spoilers.

Thanks to the efforts of George Hotz, people all over the world are able to enjoy the benefits of a modified PS3 too, with the most recent benefit being the ability to download and play Watch Dogs on the PS3.

While the Xbox 360 has had an exceptional number of leaks to it, the PS3 has also had its moments of leaked games with this being one of them.Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs PS3 Version Leaked on the Internet, the Xbox 360 Version has some Company

If you have any friend on any outlet of social media and they have a modified PS3 or Xbox 360, I would highly suggest you be as nice to them as possible. Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned.

Screenshot from 2014-05-22 20:51:55

Surprisingly the game is of much lesser size on the PS3 version, but this can be due to a number of reasons such as the removal of languages or the uploader decided to trim the fat.

For now, this is one game which you definitely don't want to miss out on but at the same time be wary of spoilers.

While pirates may be unlikely to be able to enjoy the games multiplayer, they will primarily indulge themselves in the games expansive single player which claims to boast a time of ~70 hours if you have to do everything in the game such as collectibles or side missions.

Even though the graphics will definitely not be as eye catching when compared to their newer counter parts, the graphics are somewhat decent considering the absolutely dated hardware, while the Xbox 360 version does suffer from unstable frames (based on what I have observed from YouTube videos, but on the other hand YouTube does give that false impression a lot) hopefully the PS3 version offers more stability?

For now, I am completely disconnecting myself from any places that can hold potential spoilers for this game, are you going to do the same or will you seek an alternate course of action?

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