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Warhammer Vermintide Interview – On Consoles, DLC & Mods


After yesterday's tease, here's our full interview with Fatshark CEO Martin Wahlund about the future of Warhammer Vermintide. In case you want to learn more about the game first, please check our review of the PC version; as a reminder, Warhammer Vermintide is a nominee for Best Coop Game of 2015 in our Reader's Awards.

  • When can people expect to see new maps for Warhammer Vermintide via DLC?
  • Actually quite soon! We are working on multiple updates right now and many of them have new maps. They will be released when we feel they are all done. I expect us to launch the first new maps early in 2016 along with a new wave based survival mode.
  • Do you have any plans to release mod tools on PC, just like Left 4 Dead?
  • We have no plans yet but we have discussed it a lot and it is something we will look into at least. We are really big fans of the modding community so I would expect us to do something. However, there is no timeline yet.
  • Are you considering whether to add DX12 support to Warhammer Vermintide on PC, or will you wait for your next game?
  • Yes DX12 support will probably come at some point even for Vermintide but for sure for our next game, whatever that might be.
  • What kind of graphical settings are you targeting for the console release? Is PC 'High' a good guess?
  • We are still doing a lot of testing and optimizations, so I don't dare to target any specs yet. I think PC ”High” would be a good guess with some tweaks though.
  • Will the game release within the first quarter of 2016 on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
  • We try to stick with the idea that we will launch the game/DLCs/versions when we feel they are done. So nothing is set in stone just yet.
  • What kind of frame rate and resolution are you targeting for PS4 and XB1? Will you be using the newly unlocked 7th core on PS4 and if so, what kind of performance improvements did you get?
  • We are still playing around so we need to see how it feels with the different resolutions/frame rates before deciding on it.
  • Warhammer Vermintide seems like it could be a good fit for VR. Do you have any plans to make the game compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or PlayStation VR?
  • We have actually played around with the game in VR a bit but so far it is more of a fun thing in the office. What we do with it long term is left for debate. 🙂
  • Thank you for your time.