War of the worlds 3-Way 480GTX VS 5870 and 5970

Everyone has been waiting for a 3-Way duel between nvidia's new Fermi line up vs ATI's direct-x 11 beasts, this is the moment we have all been waiting for, lets see whats in store for us.

The moment that has teased all high end gamers for a long time, which card shall reign supreme? Nvidia or ATI?

hardware.info was kind enough to give us a very well detailed and carefully outlined review about both sides, enough talk lets skip straight to the review, both cards look very promising and deliver a good deal of performance in most benchmarks, considering their price tag this is a good thing of course, though one downside of the fermi is that it requires ALOT of power for a next generation graphic card, hardware.info had to roll out a 1,200W PSU just to benchmark the fermi cards. This is where ATI is dominant over Nvidia, but lets see how the performance turns out.

LET THE WAR BEGIN: Complete Review and Source Hardware.info

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