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War Thunder on Xbox One Features Crossplay with PC; Xbox One X To Eventually Get 60FPS Performance Mode


Today, we're continuing our chat with Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev to focus specifically on the Xbox One version, announced back in late October. We were able to confirm how crossplay is going to work, the developers' plan to eventually add a 60FPS performance mode and the graphics advantages over War Thunder running on PlayStation 4 Pro (where the game runs at 1440P and 30FPS).

The announcement of War Thunder's Xbox One release included the following quote from your CEO:

[...] we have been working toward bringing its crossplay experience to them. We are thrilled to announce that we have reached an agreement with Microsoft to bring War Thunder to Xbox One and Xbox One X.

Indeed, we remember a statement from March 2014 where he said that Microsoft didn't allow cross-play and that was a deal breaker for the release of War Thunder on their console. Does that mean this hurdle has been overcome and War Thunder will indeed feature crossplay functionality on Xbox One when it releases?

Yes, Microsoft have changed their policy on crossplay. There are still a lot of hurdles/different limitations (mostly about social interactions between players), but crossplay gameplay is now possible (Xbox One + PC, PlayStation 4 + PC; that's entirely not Microsoft related, Sony currently not allows playing with other consoles).

You've said that the game already runs at more than 30fps on Xbox One X while at native 4K resolution. Does that mean there's a chance it might reach 60fps? If not, do you plan to cap the frame rate at 30 or will it stay uncapped in the final game?

We plan to achieve 60 fps or 30 fps with higher graphical settings (as an option) on Xbox One X later this year, with one of the upcoming engine updates. At launch we will be 30 fps, I guess, uncapped.

Other than the enhanced resolution, will War Thunder for the Xbox One X feature enhanced texture quality and/or other graphics settings improvements over the PS4 Pro?

There will be some enhancements in graphical quality (such as shadow quality, anti-aliasing quality, etc). Texture resolutions will be the same.

War Thunder for Xbox One doesn't have a release date yet, but we'll let you know once it does. Check back tomorrow for the last part of our interview with the CEO of Gaijin Entertainment.

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