Waiting for a Surface Pro 4? Teclast X98 Pro Is A 4GB Windows Tablet With A Much Sweeter Price Tag

Omar Sohail

Surface Pro 3 was anything but cheap, and looking at all the hardware that is going to be present in Surface Pro 4, we do expect it to make your wallet considerable lighter when you end up purchasing it. However, we have come across Teclast X98 Pro, a Windows 10 tablet with a killer selling point that even the upcoming tablet from Microsoft does not feature.

Teclast X98 Pro Only Costs $241 And Its Biggest Selling Point Is One Not Even Present In Microsoft’s Upcoming Slate

Teclast X98 Pro carries a price of just $241. While this might pave the way for consumers to purchase an affordable yet powerful Windows 10 tablet, we have not come to best part just yet. According to the company’s official product page, Teclast X98 Pro has the ability to run both Windows 10 and Android Lollipop. According to the company, if the user wants to switch between operating systems, all they have to do is perform a one key function and they will be able to switch between Windows 10 and Android Lollipop.

This is possibly the first time that we are witnessing such a feature on a tablet, but if it happens to be true, then Teclast X98 Pro will end up being one killer product. The great stuff does not end here; carrying a sub-$250 price tag also means that the device is incorporated with impressive hardware and while that hardware might not match the performance of Snapdragon 810 and Exynos 7420, it is still sufficient enough to provide the end user with a fluid mobile computing experience.

Waiting for a Surface Pro 4? Teclast X98 Pro Is A 4GB Windows Tablet With A Much Sweeter Price Tag

Starting off, Teclast X98 Pro has 4GB of RAM, along with Intel’s 14nm Z8500 Cherry Trail chipset that is running at a clock speed of 2.24GHz. Keep in mind that there are four cores in total, and will deliver astounding levels of performance. A 9.7 inch IPS display will provide a large screen to indulge in your entertainment activities as well as complete your tasks efficiently. Moreover, it gives off a 2048 by 1536 resolution, which will embellish everything present inside in the screen.

The end user also has the option to use a Bluetooth or detachable keyboard, though the only drawback is that they are going to have to purchase this accessory separately. 64GB of internal storage is present, but the company did not care to tell whether or not Teclast X98 Pro has a MicroSD card slot present or not.


Regardless of this one limitation, consumers will not be able to fathom on how affordable this large screen tablet is so if you have been waiting patiently for a Surface Pro 4, we strongly recommend that you give this product a try, because it looks like an absolute steal. Consumers who are interested in purchasing the slate will be pleased to know that it is available to purchase from gearbest at the aforementioned price.


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