ViewSonic Announces Two New ViewBoard Devices

Evan Federowicz
Source: ViewSonic

ViewSonic has announced two new ViewBoard devices, The ViewBoard Pen Display and the ViewBoard Notepad devices. These devices can be used as additional devices for either digital artists or students in a digital classroom. The Pen Display is currently available for $349.99, and the pen tablet is projected to be available later in December with a price of $69.99.

Two New ViewBoard Devices have been announced, one a Pen Tablet and a Pen Display

The ID0730 ViewBoard Notepad device is a perfect addition for a digital artist or a distance-learning student. This device uses a patented electromagnetic battery-free pen, which delivers up to 4096 pressure sensitivity levels; this device uses a plug-and-play functionality with no driver installations. The unique design allows teachers to write on real paper while digitizing all of the pen strokes. This devices' lightweight and compact design make it incredibly easy to carry from the classroom to home for a hybrid learning experience.

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Source: ViewSonic

The ID1330 ViewBoard Pen Display is a 13.3" interactive display equipped with a patented electromagnetic pen that doubles the levels of pressure sensitivity all the way up to 8,192 levels. This display can be connected to either a PC or a laptop and uses a USB Type-C connection to enable quick data transfer. This compact display features up to sixty degrees of tilt angle to ensure an accurate and realistic writing experience.

Source: ViewSonic

Both of these devices feature support for Windows, macOS, and Chrome operating systems allowing for easy connection to various computers. These devices also feature a lightweight and compact design to allow for easy carrying.

Sean Liu, business line manager, software at ViewSonic America said, "ViewSonic is excited to introduce these new interactive display devices that can help boost sharing and productivity; these solutions were developed to provide supplementary tools in a classroom or at home for digitalized learning in this new distance/hybrid learning environment. Whether users are creating, managing, or sharing digital content, the Pen Display and Notepad can enhance efficiency."

The ID0730 ViewBoard Notepad has an expected later December availability with an estimated price of $69.99, while the ID1330 ViewBoard Pen Display is currently available with a price of $349.99.

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