Video Shows New iPhone 7 Concept With Optimized iOS 10 For A Bezel-less Screen


Even though the iPhone 6s is the hot launch of this year, it's never too late to start wondering what the next iPhone will have in store. The Spetember-announced iPhone 6s and iOS 9 still feel fresh, while several new iPhone 7 concepts have surfaced the internet. However, this new iPhone 7 concept has a little more to show than just the smartphone.

The new concept video is designed by DeepMind, the same designer who shared an iPhone 7 concept with no bezels earlier this month. However, this time, DeepMind has imagined iOS 10 incorporated in the iPhone 7 concept, revealing the future of iPhone and iOS. iOS 10 has been optimized for the iPhone 7's 'fullscreen' as can be seen in the concept video.

Let's see what the new iPhone 7 concept has to show and how does iOS 10 integrate with the bezel-less display panel.

iPhone 7 Concept Video Shows The Future Of iOS?

As can be seen in the video below, iOS 10 has taken full advantage of the 'fullscreen' real estate concept of the iPhone 7. We can see the completely revamped changes in the video, like Siri and Control Center. iOS 10 makes room for more stuff that can be added to the operating system, while managing other shortcuts as well. You can see how notifications are displayed at the top edge of the iPhone.

Another noticeable feature that caught our attention is the contacts view. The contact view, according to the concept video is responsible for the provision of shortcuts to the Messenger and Phone. Social media information is also displayed in the contacts view, like Instagram's timeline for individuals. Even though it is just a concept, the idea looks pretty useful.

The iPhone 7 on the other hand looks bezel-less as it was showcased in the previous concept video by the same designer. The Home button integrated Touch ID has been embedded into the screen with enhanced touch functionality as can be seen in the concept video. The screen with no bezels on the iPhone 7 looks great for media consumption, but it does not seem applicable just yet. Since Apple is caught up in some display difficulties, it is yet not sure what Apple's plans are for its future flagship.

Even though Apple might not consider dematerializing the bezels all of a sudden, we do hope the company reduces them to a certain extent. This is it for now, folks. What do you guys think about this new concept video, showcasing the iPhone 7 as well as the future of iOS? Share your thoughts in the comments.