The New iPhone 7 Concept Appears To Show A Front Panel With No Bezels – Video

The iPhone has always had bezels heftier than most of its competitors. While the less they are, the more beautiful a device looks and feels. Several iPhone 7 concepts have surfaced the internet lately, showing some serious design changes that look no similar to the present iPhone 6s. Likewise, a new concept has come into sight from DeepMinds, showcasing a ''fullscreen'' panel with no bezels.

This ''fullscreen'' panel is said to display content entirely on the front panel of the iPhone 7. By the looks of it, the Touch ID or Home button can also be seen embedded on the screen. Such types of concepts have also appeared in the past, showing more or less the same kind of screen with no bezels.

Let's see what more additional details are available from the bezeless iPhone 7 concept.

iPhone 7 Concept Video Shows No Bezels On Display

Some of you might mistake the concept with a standard iPhone featuring bezels and a Home button with Touch ID. However, this is not the case, the bezels vanishes when users want to see their content in the fullscreen mode and appears back again.

The iPhone 7 concept is an interesting piece with a future oriented approach for Apple's likes. Even though the design looks very appealing and classy, there is no certainty whether Apple is planning to adopt a similar change all at once. Here's is the new concept video of the iPhone 7. Check it out.

If this change is applicable, we're sure none of you guys would like your bezel to show. Apple's competitor, Samsung has showcased several smartphones with very little bezels. Other smartphone manufacturers have also adopted display panels with narrow lined bezels.Increasing the screen size ultimately increases the screen to body ratio and a smaller form factor overall.

If we take Samsung's galaxy Note 5 into consideration, the smartphone has a 5.7-inch display compared to iPhone 6s Plus' 5.5-inch display. Altogether, the prior is smaller than the latter due to its thin bezels. With ampler expectations, it is possible that Apple might launch an iPhone 7 with thin bezels and if we're lucky, we might see an iPhone with no bezels.

Judging by the trending technology, the no-bezel idea does not seem applicable and not entirely possible. However, Apple could make the bezels smaller and that is what we hope for. This is it for now, folks. How did you guys like the new iPhone 7 concept? Share your insights in the comments below.


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