Video: Original iPhone From 2007 Stacked Against the Latest iPhone 12 in a Speed Test Comparison


It was back in 2007 when Steve Jobs took center stage to announce the original iPhone in the most iconic way possible. Fast forward to the iPhone 12, Apple has made numerous changes to the device, upgrading it with new and fast internals. Moreover, the iPhone now comes in various display sizes and options. However, we cannot forget the original iPhone from 2007 and how it has managed to give birth to something good as the iPhone 12. Almost 15 years later, we have to see how the iPhone 12 stacks up against the original iPhone in a speed test comparison.

This is How the Current iPhone 12 HOlds Up Against the Original iPhone in a Speed Test Comparison

While we are excited to see the speed test comparison between the latest and greatest iPhone 12 and the original iPhone, we also have to see how far has Apple come in advancing its chip design. The speed test has been conducted by the YouTube channel PhoneBuff that aims to give us a mechanized look at the comparison. Obviously, the iPhone 12 would win the comparison due to its hefty specifications.

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iPhone 12 Speed Test Against Original iPhone

The iPhone 12 features six times the number of cores compared to the original iPhone. Moreover, the iPhone 12 features 32 times the RAM compared to the first iPhone ever and 16 times more storage. Lastly, the iPhone 12 features 19 times more pixels compared to the original iPhone. Since the original iPhone cannot run high-performance apps, PhoneBuff is conducting the comparison using standard apps on both models. You can check out the iPhone 12 speed test comparison against the original iPhone in the video embedded below.

As can be seen in the speed test, the iPhone 12 was done with the entire comparison before the original iPhone could complete the first round. According to PhoneBuff, they had to manually change the robot's speed with the original iPhone since it was pretty slow. Nonetheless, it is always nostalgic to see the original iPhone performing, the hardware that gave all other smartphones a run for their money.

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