Victrix Announced the Pro BFG Controller; a New Premium Controller for PlayStation and PC

Ule Lopez
Victrix Pro BFG

Victrix is known for making high-quality gaming hardware for PC or consoles, such as the Pro FS arcade stick revealed back in August. A lot of their products are on the expensive side but are high-quality to compensate. The PDP-owned manufacturer today has a brand-new controller announcement, the Pro BFG.

Officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, the Pro BFG is usable on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (registered as a Xinput controller). The controller boasts a modular face with swappable button inputs, four back buttons that can be mapped to anything, full wireless and wired compatibility, low latency audio, and full mod capabilities from within the Victrix Control Hub app (available on PC).

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Players who don’t like the placement of the PlayStation analog sticks may find a viable alternative, as the left side of the controller can let you switch parts around, resulting in offset analog sticks. Fighting game players can also completely remove the right analog stick and buttons to apply a six-face button layout.

Audio quality is also up there, as the Pro BFG sports 3.5mm jack support and compatibility with PlayStation 5’s 3D Audio settings. Equalizer profiles can also be defined and customized within the Victrix Control Hub application, where you’ll also be able to map other button functions or change what buttons do what, like the four back buttons.

Trevor Lehr, the Director of Product Development at Victrix, spoke about the controller’s features. He said, “When we released the Gambit controller last year, we got a lot of questions about when Victrix would launch a similarly pro-grade controller for PlayStation. Rounding out the family of Victrix Pro products, including Pro FS, Pro AF, and Gambit, the Pro BFG brings the highest level of design and customization to a whole new level with wireless and modularity.”

The Victrix Pro BFG is available for pre-order at Victrix’s website and will run you about $179.99 USD. We’ll continue to update as more information on Victrix’s upcoming products is released.

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