Valve’s Steam Discovery Update 2.0 Is Now Live, Giving the Store a Brand New Look

Steam Store changes

Valve released Steam Discovery Update 2.0 yesterday, which gave the store a completely revamped look. Let's go over the most important changes.

The menu you'll notice immediately on the left is meant to provide more direct links to popular destinations and even a brief list of the last products you browsed. The Highlights section at the very center has been updated to showcase more information (including a few image thumbnails) on the games while also containing new logic to determine which games it should show you, based on a few factors like recommendations from your friends and followed curators, your playtime etcetera. Moreover, you can now find a quick menu option on the upper right corner of every game image allowing you to add that game immediately to the wish list or discarding it from your view.

As you would expect, the Steam Discovery Update 2.0 made the latest deals, discounts and sales a lot more prominent. Just below the deals section there's now a new one showcasing games that have been popular lately among your friends.

Then there's the discovery queue, followed by a few buttons meant to bring you quickly to new releases, specials, free games and tags. More interestingly, there's a new a huge section devoted to the latest recommendations shared by the Steam curators you're following. Just below that, Valve added a section dedicated to the latest updates for the games you own - this is probably going to be one of the best additions of Steam Discovery Update 2.0.

Lists have also been changed to filter out products you already own and products/tags you've already discarded. Finally, there's a pretty huge section that makes sure you won't miss release info and sales tips once you start or exit a game, and you can keep scrolling for even more recommendations based on categories like action games, open world, single player etcetera.

What are your first impressions of this Steam Discovery Update 2.0? Let us know in the comments. By the way, given the increased focus on Steam curators we're reminding you to subscribe to our page - we're now adding all our latest reviews.

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