V Rising Is Already Filled with Two Million Newly Awakened Vampires


V Rising continues to pass important sales milestones. Today, indie developer Stunlock Studios announced that over two million players have decided to join the game and embark on the journey of a newly awakened vampire. That's exactly one month after the Steam Early Access release of May 17th.

Rickard Frisegård, CEO of Stunlock Studios, stated:

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We at Stunlock are very proud of the amazing start V Rising has made since launching on Early Access. Our goal is to make the best vampire game possible and this is a clear indicator we are on the right path. We will strive to reward our players with a new, ground breaking survival experience and also satiate any bloodlust.

V Rising is an open world survival action game where players have to opportunity to cooperate with other players, compete with other players, or go at it alone. It's played from a top-down view by default, though there are already mods that enable a third-person over the shoulder camera.

The developers at Stunlock Studios are constantly updating the game. Yesterday's hotfix (Patch 0.5.42050) fixed a bunch of bugs, tweaked many spells and abilities, and introduced the following features:

  • Players can now dismantle floors and borders that are next to walls/pillars without having to dismantle any wall/pillar first, as long as this does not leave any wall/pillar without a floor connection (#305517).
  • Localization has been added for Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, and Turkish.
  • The localization for Portuguese - Brazil, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish has been updated to be more accurate and up to date.

We've got a wealth of guides for new V Rising players:

Stay tuned for many more guides and coverage!