V Rising Announces on March 23 Closed Beta; New Trailer Showcased

Ule Lopez
V Rising

A new trailer for the upcoming open-world vampire survival game from Stunlock Studios known as V Rising has been announced. Not only that but the game has been confirmed to be entering a new Closed Beta phase which players can apply to enter now. You can watch the latest V Rising trailer announcing the game's Closed Beta below:

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The first test session for V Rising will run for one week, giving invited players a chance to build castles, hunt for blood, and explore the gothic world of Vardoran ahead of the game’s Early Access launch. All of this is done with the goal of becoming the next Dracula. Players will need to feed off humans in order to gain new powers and run their castles.

The Closed Beta will allow for solo or co-op playthroughs as you fight against bandits, mystical creatures, and the light-wielding Church of Luminance in thrilling skillshot-based combat. If you're more of a fighting type, you can face off against other players in PvP. On PvP servers, the addition of player versus player fights will allow them to test their skills against each other, adding an extra deadly challenge to the equation.

Currently, Stunlock Studios has announced that they will be able to hold up to 3000 players during this Closed Beta phase. The duration of the test (as stated above) is also going to be one of the biggest thus far for this game. The in-game beta content will include all four regions the team plans to feature with Early Access. Much of the content is still in development and will continue to improve on the road to the Early Access release.

V Rising is currently available on Steam as Early Access. Players can wishlist the game and apply for a spot at the closed beta here.

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