Unreal Engine 4 – RISE Oculus DK2 Tech Demo

Nurulize has just revealed a 4K trailer for Rise Oculus DK2 tech demo, at GDC 2015. It is running on Unreal Engine 4. RISE is a fully immersive virtual reality experience that tells the story of a robot uprising from the perspective of a sentient robot agitator who’s been captured. The project explores the confluence of VR and science fiction cinema.

Director David Karlak teamed up with Nurulize to create a unique VR experience that captures every minute detail and allows participants to experience a cinematic moment frozen in time. Creating the VR experience for RISE came with its share of technical challenges, particularly for the more innovative elements. Scott Metzger and the VR start-up Nurulize, that he co-founded, spearheaded the enormous task of creating a hyper-realistic virtual experience. Starting with the environment captured with FARO LIDAR scans, HDR photography, and the XXArray character captures, Scott Metzger and Nurulize used these enormous data sets to reconstruct the scene in its entirety.

The Project was nominated for Best Art Direction and the first annual VR Proto Awards

The project was one of the Oculus/Tribeca Storyscapes curated selections to be featured along at the Tribeca Film Festival 2014 Storyscapes event and was nominated for best Art Direction and the first annual VR Proto Awards.

Philip Lunn, CEO of Nurulize, said:

“All of this technical work and the immense level of detail that we’ve added to the scene and characters in particular, create this truly amazing look that will just blow people away. The RISE VR experience is just one of the ways we are experimenting with this exciting technology as we work to build experiences and software solutions that will shape the way we interact and consume media in the future.”

The Tech demo uses Graphine's advebced texture streaming middleware 'Granite SDK'.

Nurulize’s tech demo also uses Graphine’s advanced texture streaming middleware ‘Granite SDK’.  The Granite texture streaming library can is rock-solid and highly optimized for real-time rendering, and enables extremely detailed object surfaces needed to render in high definition.

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