Unreal Engine 4 Quixel’s Jungle Environment – 4K Resolution Screenshots

Quixel has released a video, demonstrating a jungle environment created in Unreal Engine 4 using Megascans. Megascans is a huge, materials library containing thousands of materials scanned with Quixel's HDR surface captured technology. For those unfamiliar with it here's their description:

MEGASCANS is a new breed of material library, finally bringing full real-world surface scans to the art community. Browse, preview and download 1000+ materials scanned with Quixel’s groundbreaking HDR surface capture technology and experience real diffuse, specular, normal, translucency, AO and much more.


With Megascans there is no guesswork -- each pixel of every map has been physically scanned, and every material component has been fully separated. Every reflectance value has been measured, and each normal reveals how light interacts with the surface and subsurface. This makes for true realism.

Our job at Quixel is to bring you the best possible scan materials. Since 2011 we have been tirelessly pushing ourselves to develop a fully portable HDR scanning technology, working hard to improve the machine every day. And each waking minute we explore the world in search of new inspiring environments to capture.

With new materials added every day, the MEGASCANS library is in a constant phase of growth and improvement. As a paying subscriber, you’ll always be the first in line to all new additions and features.

*Please note that the Megascans image above is rendered with V-Ray.

Due to the downgraded quality of the video though, the true beauty of the environment can not be admired, so a set of direct feed screenshots is provided in the gallery below.


It is apparent that the Unreal Engine 4 can create some breathtaking visuals

It can be argued that the Jungle environment created in the Unreal Engine 4, might not be as realistically looking as the ones created using the CRYENGINE, although the apparent beauty and quality found in these visuals is quite breathtaking. A similar technique, to the one used by Quixel, was used in the recently released, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, by the Astronauts.

Unreal Engine 4, certainly looks quite capable of supporting a variety of different titles and genres, and it seems to be the engine of choice of most developers using third party tools. Please share your thoughts on this impressive looking demo, and your opinion on how it compares.


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