Unofficial Fallout 4 DLC ‘The Machine and Her’ Quest Mod Offers Hours of New Gameplay With Multiple Story Outcomes

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The new unofficial Fallout 4 DLC ‘The Machine and Her’ quest mod packs hours of new gameplay with over 6000 lines of dialogue and various story outcomes.

Created by modder ‘NikaCola’, this unofficial DLC-sized quest mod for Fallout 4 adds a brand-new content to Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic game. The mod revolves around Kit – an all-new companion with a custom-built affinity system. We’ve included the mod’s key features down below alongside a video and some screenshots.

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Fallout 4 DLC ‘The Machine and Her’ Quest mod key features

  • Kit is a fully-voiced companion with custom-built affinity system that links into vanilla game events/conversations, as well as the events of The Machine, And Her.
  •  She comes with improved and customizable AI/Combat abilities that can be changed on the fly.
  • She can hack terminals *and* pick locks, though she will need practice to become capable of cracking higher-level security.
  • Kit's lockpicking and hacking abilities have been streamlined to make them much more user friendly and intuitive: Simply walk up to a locked terminal or door, and select the option to have Kit attempt to hack or lockpick--that's all! No more having to talk to your companion *before* you can tell them what you want them to do.
  • Kit's Radio", a custom menu item that controls all of Kit's various settings and features, and also moves her instantly to your location. Add it to your favorites for quick access!
  • At the conclusion of Kit's story, you may be able to choose a very powerful perk
  • Over 6,000 lines of dialogue, including companion lines and story content from a variety of new characters
  • Brand new radio station featuring over 50 lore-appropriate tracks, and a fully voiced DJ
  • Multiple story outcomes, depending on your choices

The DLC quest mod can be downloaded via Nexusmods here. Fallout 4 is available globally now.

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